Gibraltar: (+350) 200 69177 - Mobile: (+350) 540 59258  - Email: [email protected] - Services & Consultancy

We provide Audio Engineering, Operating your Mixing Desk, Mobile Recording, Studio Engineering, Finalizing and Mastering

Live Audio Engineer
Looking after your bands mixing desk, running the PA, fold-back mixes and speakers

Mixer, Producer & Studio Engineer
Including microphone placement techniques, outboard, room acoustics & multi-tracking

Audio Visual Consultancy & Detailed Site Surveys in Gibraltar
Providing independent consultancy & site surveys of your A/V requirements & presentation systems

Production Engineer
Producing Band and  Vocal demo tracks, including "live" or "studio" performances

Video Production

Portable Recording Engineer
Analogue to Digital recordings using (DAW) with 8x16x32 tracks up to 192kHz

Mastering Engineer
Do you already have recordings but they "lack" that HUGE sound? I can re-master your recording with EQ and Presence?

Audio Design & Acoustics Engineer
Designing audio systems and working with acoustics using "Acoustic Modelling" techniques. 

Audio Consultation
Consultancy of audio systems in your corporate workplace including; background music, PA systems, paging, "white noise" systems, videoconferencing and teleconferencing. 

CONTACT ME to discuss your audio requirements. 

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